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100 Monkeys

The band consists of Jerad Anderson, Ben Johnson, Ben Graupner, Jackson Rathbone and Uncle Larry.  You can define their style of music as Funky Rock. There are influences of jazz, blues and rock performances and the result is a unique mixture which is hard to describe. However you can feel that it derives from the heart and the boys put their hearts and souls in it.  One can say that they are definitely a live band and are not to be put intolarge concert halls. They rock small pubs and clubs, where they are in good hands, even if the fan base keeps on  growing.

They convince with good mood which quickly transfers to the crowd.

Perhaps not all the songs are convincing, but they are full of  humour and you can find atleast one line in almost every song which brings a smile onto your face.


Having  experienced the improvisation of a song, you can confirm with what talent you are dealing with here.