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Benjamin Graupner aka Ben G.


Name: Benjamin Graupner

born: 7. February 1986 in Dellas Texas

place in the band: vocals, Guitar, Trompet, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Bongos


The man with the intense grin was born in Dallas on the 7th of February 1986. He is not only a musician, but also an actor and played in DaZe Vol. Too, Devolved, Intent and other movies. Ben attended the Interlochen Arts Academy where he met Jackson and founded the “Lost Boys” with Spencer. He plays the guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and the trumpet in the band 100 Monkeys, but what we are not allowed to forget is that this man also has an amazing voice. So he sings many songs, including Shy Water, Looker, Kolpix and many more.