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Ben Johnson aka Ben J.

Name: Ben Johnson

Born:  4. Mai 1984 in Carrol Illinois

Place in the Band: Vocals , Guitar, Bass, Drums


Ben Johnson was an early friend of the other band members. With some, he was at the Interlochen Art Academy. He lived with Spencer Bell, his best friend, together in New York. He was one of the ‘’ Lost Boys’’, like the teachers of the Interlochen like him, Spencer, Ben Graupner, Jackson Rathbone and the others of the group named because they are presented to the authority and violated the smoking ban. He is a quiet, seemingly reserved man. He often acts as one of the adult of the band. If he stands on stage, however, we see him coming out of himself and he rocks the stage with the others. Furthermore, he also plays in a band who calls with The Stevedores, but today you only see on the stage when the time of the famous Spencer Bell Legacy gigs pending, because they no longer occur. But his place in the Monkeys, he has as we found every member of them. We often see him on the drums, guitar and bass but he knows just as well and with his voice, he charmed the audience.