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Jackson Rathbone aka J.Aktion

Name: Monroe Jackson Rathbone V

Born: 14. Dezember 1984

Place in the Band: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Harmonica, Trompet, Mandoline, Drums, Bass


Monroe Jackson „Jay“ Rathbone was born in Singapore on the 14th of December 1984 and he has three sisters, two older ones and one, who is younger than him. His family is originally from Louisiana. Through the job of his father he lived in many cities, like Singapore, where he was born, Maydan and Jakarta in Indonesia, London, Connecticut, California up to Midland in Texas, where his family eventually settled down. There he joined “The Pickwick Players”. He also played baseball, basketball, soccer and  was into athletic sports. Of course he counted the in Texas famous football to his hobbies as well. He learned how to play the guitar for a production of the musical “Grease”, where he had the role of Doody. Since then he never shows up without his Annabelle. His band is called the 100 Monkeys, where he sings and plays different instruments. Ben Graupner and Jerad Anderson are also in the band,  who were Jackson’s school friends. After a while the many activities got too much for him and he concentrated on what he loved the most, the music and the acting.

He acted in theater plays and had roles in several series and movies. But The Twilight Saga was his break-through in the business.