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Jerad Anderson aka J.Rad

Name: Jerad Anderson

Born: 4. Juni 1981 in San Diego Californien

Place in the Band: Background Vocals , Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Bass


Jerad Anderson came in contacts with the music at an early stage . Already at age four he started playing the piano. He joined the band, after becoming friends with Jackson. He was the first friend in the new city. Through him he also met the others of the band. He played guitar at that time and therefore found his place in the band very fast. Jerad is the only one of the guys, who is married. His wife won´t be mentioned by name on here as we want to keep a little privacy. From Interviews, we know that she travels with him when there will be a long show . Besides the music, he is also an actor. He has performed in films like Girlfriend, Greek, Bratz: The Movie played, Bad Reduption and He. He also had guest roles in series' like 24 and CSI: Miami. He speaks American Sign Language fluently, as he had a deaf roommate. We were able to admire him as a nice and crazy in many chats, who also has no compunction to make a joke at his own expense.