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PYKM:How come you founded Mechanical People?

Ben G:Mechanical People was born out of the aftermath of the Southern Swing Tour, that took 100 Monkeys and the Kissing Club across the bottom of the USA between Christmas and New Years. When we got back to Baton Rouge Ben, Jake, and I recorded the song "Skyscraper" and then decided to continue on with an EP and now finally our first album "The Dark Dark."


PYKM:As far as we know the band includes Ben G, Jake and Ben J. Is that correct? But what about Anna? As far as we know she was planned to be in the band, how come that she is not in?

Ben G:Originally the band was orchestrated to be a four piece, but we never made the connection with a fourth member and continued on with the three of us. It's something we'd like to work out in the future.


PYKM:How would you describe your style??

Ben G:Mechanical People is a rock and roll band. The sound is simple, energetic, rough, danceable and melancholy.


PYKM: What inspires you for songwriting?

Ben G: Any and everything, we've noticed that references to alienation is a through line in the songs we have written so far.


PYKM:Could we have some Lyrics for our Fanpage?

Ben G:
"And we've all got our ways

of wasting our precious time

tell me now that I've found yours

can you take a guess at mine"

- Allycats


PYKM: Do you play music as a full-time job or do you work somewhere else as well?

Ben G: Right now it's just the music, but any artistic project will do.


PYKM:Were you ever compared to a celebrity or an artist?

Ben G:I get Amanda Plumber allot.


PYKM:How is it for you being on stage?

Ben G:Simply the greatest pleasure.


PYKM:Since when do you play music?

Ben G:I didn't start seriously playing music until my 20's, but I've been performing all my life.


PYKM:What was your funniest experience on tour?

Ben G:We almost changed our name to the forgetful five. The three of us can't make it anywhere without leaving something behind. When you realize the cymbals are five hours behind you and you're already at the next venue you just have to laugh it off.


PYKM:This Question is for Ben G and Ben J: Is there a difference playing with the Monkeys or Mechanical People?

Ben G:Mechanical People is a much younger band, there's less switching, and the music has it's own unique style. That said there's allot the two bands have in common. I guess you'll just have to listen and see what you think.


PYKM:What is planned for 2011?

Ben G:"The Dark Dark" our first album is scheduled to drop on the 12th of May. Then we'll be touring USA in the Fall.


PYKM:What was the weirdest fan encounter ?

Ben G:Selling the Mechanical People second hand appliances at the Spencer Bell Legacy show in Austin was a blast.


PYKM:The SBL in Paris was unfortunatelly cancelled, what do you say, is there a possibility that we still can see you in europe?

Ben G:All good things will come in time.



PYKM:When you could say anything to the international fans, what would it be?

Ben G:We can't wait to come over play on your turf, many of you travel for us and we want to return the favor.


PYKM:Could we have your tour dates to keep the other fans up to date, where your gigs are?

Ben G:Keep an eye on Mechanicalpeople.com


PYKM:Recently you released your album "The Dark Dark”, it's great! Our question is: could we use your link and place it on our page? As an advertisement for you?

Ben G:"The Dark Dark" hits the streets on May 12th. If you like to learn more check out mechanicalpeople.com