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Kate S.


because of 100 Monkeys I met Maris, she and they introduced me to Spencer. I thank them all. My first song was Albatross but i'm now addicted to Beautiful More So. I will be headed to SBL this October. I'm so excited and cannot wait to meet new fans. I'm a baby in Spencer music, but i'm willing to learn. I thank y'all for giving me a chance to say something. Keep up the great work!!

Maris V.

Spencer Changed my life for the better. I live by his sayings "Roll with the wind" and "Details are for suckers" He somehow made me a better person in life. Spencer was an old soul a pure soul and a bit of a rascal. I know he wasn't perfect, but he was perfect enough to be heard.


Lara D.

There's surely not enough space to write down everything I think about Spencer, his music, the lyrics. With his song „Ah“ Spencer showed us that there is no need for many words to create a piece of art.. He told us to never lose hope and to never give in. „Beautiful, More So“ became one of my favorite songs ever. I surely don't know all of his artworks – as i am kind of a „newbie“- but I'm willing to find out more. Sometimes he makes me see life from another perspective and this certainly can't be bad.

Cherylin K.


Spencer was a genius. Musically and philosophically. I am 34 years old an some of his lyrics I haven't thought of the ideas he speaks of in my life. He was very intelligent. And very loved.

Maria P.

I heard about Spencer Bell in 2009 from Jackson Rathbone ( I will be thankful him till my dying day). The first song, what I ever heard from Spencer, was the Billy Jean. I loved the passion of his voice,the humor in the song vid. It was love for first hear to me, so I started to learn about him from the Legacy Site and from Spencer Bell Legacy Europe. He was amazing artist, musician, poet, writer, he passed away in December of 2006 from Adrenal Cancer. And his music changed my life forever. I have no words,what means his music to me, because I can't imagine my life without Spencer's world anymore. Now, I'm the hungarian translator of the Spencer Bell Legacy Europe, and this is giant honor to me. Spencer is the one of my role models in my own poetry.